Guide Fee (National Government Licensed Guide Interpreters)

True Japan Tour Co., Ltd. dispatches guides and/or interpreters based on prices listed in the tables below. The prices apply to an English National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter. For the prices of a guide interpreter in other languages and classes, please refer to the fee in the brackets below. (F, S: French and Spanish) (P,I,G: Portuguese, Italian and German)

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About "Foreign Language Speaking Tour Manager"

Standard Fee for Tour Guides

About True Japan Tour's Guide Dispatch

* The fee varies depending on the time of year and the area where the guide is assigned.
* Peak season : March 10 - April 20 and October 10 - November 20
Regular Season: Dates other than above
* The dispatch area is divided into "Tokyo/Around Tokyo" area and "Kyoto/Osaka Around Kyoto and Osaka" area.
However, we will provide a separate quote for areas within the above areas where it is difficult to arrange a tour guide.

Partner Discount

True Japan Tour Co.,Ltd. (TJT) recognizes companies with whom we have or intend to have a continuous business relationship as partners, and grants them special privileges in our business transactions. An overview is shown in the PDF file.

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1. FIT

FIT refers to a one-day guided tour for a group of 9 or less people.
The following is the guide fee for dispatching "National Government Licensed Guide Interpreters".

(E: English) (F, S: French and Spanish) (P,I,G: Portuguese, Italian and German)

Example of dispatch fee A "FIT: 1-day tour"

[Example 1]
June 2, Tokyo Sightseeing English-speaking guide for 4 persons, 8 hours
* Regular 8 hours English: 35,000 yen (excluding consumption tax)

[Example 2]
Kyoto English-speaking tour guide for 8 people, 8 hours, dispatched on November 1
* Kansai Peak Season 8 hours English:49,000yen(consumption tax not included)
(November 1 is the peak season fee.)

[Example 3]
March 31, dispatch 2 French-speaking guides for 4 hours in Kyoto
* Kansai Peak Season 4 hours French: 36,400 yen (excluding consumption tax)
(For French, please check the price for the letter F)

[Example 4]
Hotel pick-up and drop-off, transportation to the station, etc. (within 3 hours)
* Please confirm the fee for less than 3 hours for the dispatch of interpreter guides throughout Japan.

Example of dispatch fee B "FIT: For multiple dates"

(excluding consumption tax)

[Example 1]
June 1 in Tokyo, June 2 in Hakone, June 4 in Kyoto : 5 persons 8 hours (all in English 8 hours guide)
Please check our regular rates for all dates. June 4th is in Kansai, so the rate will change.

* June 1, Tokyo : English-speaking tour guide (Kanto Regular rate) 35,000 yen
* June 2, Hakone : English-speaking tour guide (Kanto Regular fee) 35,000 yen
* June 4, Kyoto : English sightseeing guide (Kansai Regular fee) 41,000 yen

[Example 2]
March 8 Kyoto, March 9 Hiroshima, March 11 : 7 persons 4 hours (all guided tours in Spanish for 4 hours)
In this case, March 11 is Peak Season, so the price will be different.

* March 8, Kyoto : Spanish sightseeing guide (Kansai Regular fee) 31,200 yen
* March 9, Hiroshima : Spanish Tourist Guide (Kansai Regular fee) 31,200 yen
* March 11, Osaka : Spanish Tourist Guide (Kansai Peak Season fee) 36,400 yen

2. <<Group / Multi-day Tour>>

"Group" refers to tours of 10 or more people or tours by chartered bus, and "Multi-day Tour" refers to tours that include overnight stays.

The following is the guide fee for dispatching "National Government Licensed Guide Interpreters".

(E: English) (F, S: French and Spanish) (P,I,G: Portuguese, Italian and German)

Example of dispatch fee C "for Group / Multi-day Tour"


Dispatching an English-speaking guide for a group bus tour of 24 people (for guide dispatch only)

In the case of a through tour, if the tour is arranged during Peak Season, the Peak Season fee will be applied to the entire tour period.
In the following example, Peak Season fee is applied after March 10 because it is Peak Season.

(excluding consumption tax)

* March 7, Tokyo : Airport transfer (half day): 36,000 yen
* March 8, Tokyo : Sightseeing guide (full day): 60,000 yen
* March 9, Tokyo : Sightseeing guide (full day) 60,000 yen

* March 10, Hakone : Sightseeing Guide (full day) 60,000 yen
* March 11, Kyoto : Sightseeing Guide (half day) 36,000 yen
* March 12, Kyoto : Sightseeing Guide (full day) 60,000 yen
* March 13, Hiroshima : Sightseeing Guide (full day) 60,000 yen
* March 14, Osaka : Sightseeing guide (full day) 60,000 yen 
* March 15, Osaka : Kansai International Airport pick-up and drop-off (half day) 36,000 yen

3. <<Remarks>>

(1) Transportation

The guide's transportation costs from/to their homes are included in the guide fee as long as the meeting point is arranged within the below areas.

Tokyo: Hotels requested location within 10-minute walking distance of stations on JR Yamanote Line.
Kyoto/ Osaka: Major stations and their surrounding areas.

* Transportation costs in any region other than Tokyo and Kansai will be quoted on a request basis.
* All transportation costs for the clients and guide during the tour are not included in the guide fee.

(2) Meals

The following meal allowances for the guide/interpreter will be charged when the guiding starts during breakfast/lunch/dinner time.

Breakfast: JPY 1,000 Lunch: JPY 1,500 Dinner: JPY 2,000

4. <<Additional Fees>>

・In the following cases, a surcharge will be charged in addition to the base guide fee.

5. <<Cancellation Policy>>

Cancellation charges will apply when the notification of cancellation is received:

14-3 days before the tour day: 20% of the total fee
2 days before the tour day: 50% of the total fee
1 day before, on the tour day, or cancellation without notice: 100% of the total fee.
* With regards to the cancellation of multiple tours, the cancellation policy will apply to the date of the first tour.

6. <<Request Form>>

Fill out the form below.

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