Tailored Tours

True Japan Tour organizes Japan tours that meet the diverse needs of travelers from around the world. We coordinate memorable trips and experiences for our clients, including hotels, transportation, and activities.
We can consult with clients on travel plans ranging from group tours of Japan, small family tours, resort stays, and cruise port excursions tailored to the client's needs, to recruitment tours organized by travel agents.

Transportation / Accommodation Arrangement

We arrange buses and accommodation at the request of travelers.


Rather than just watching cooking, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, etc., you can gain a deep understanding of the essence of Japanese culture by practicing and experiencing it yourself. An instructor who speaks English will provide direct instruction, communicate smoothly with customers.

Application Process

1 Please complete and submit the following application form.

* Type of tour (recruiting/planning), purpose of tour
* Number of participants (10 or more)
* Outline of itinerary, purpose (cultural/art appreciation, residential, sports, experiential, etc.)
(Note: Please include a rough itinerary. If you would like us to start planning the itinerary, we will charge a separate planning fee.)
* Hotel class, room type, etc.
* Preferred mode of transportation (private car/public transportation)
* Preferred language of tour guide
(Note: We do not accept travel arrangements that do not include a request for a tour guide.)
* Request for Quote and Arrangement Knocking

2 After we confirm the content of your request, our staff will contact you by e-mail to confirm the details.

3 After reviewing the request, please apply for the start of arrangements.

4 Requesting a deposit.

5 Start of arrangements after confirmation of payment.


Please apply using the form below.