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Kyoto Walking Tour: Buddhism, Art & Gardens


This is a journey from Kyoto Station to avoid the density of the city and enjoy walking through alleys and pathways to get in touch with the daily life of Kyoto citizens.
With Higashi-Honganji Temple, Sanjusangendo, and Chishakuin Temple among the many highlights, a guide well versed in Kyoto's history and culture will walk you through the city while introducing you to Kyoto's civic life.


We will view the following 5 places in this course:
(1) Kyoto Station: The building itself is magnificent, and the rooftop garden offers a panoramic view of the city of Kyoto.

(2) Higashi Honganji Temple: This is the head temple of the Jodo Shinshu sect, which boasts the largest number of followers in Japan. The Mikado, one of the world's largest wooden buildings, can be seen here.

(3) Houses along the Takase River: Stores selling vestments and prayer beads, a small park, and a laundromat offer you a glimpse into the lives of people living in Kyoto.

(4) Rengeoin Temple (Sanjusangendo): A group of Buddhist statues, including 1001 statues of Kannon Bosatsu (national treasure), is a solemn sight.

(5) Chishakuin Temple: The head temple of the Chizan School of the Shingon sect. The paintings on the walls of the temple are called "treasures of Kyoto" and are highly valued among the art and culture of Japan. For example, on display is "Maple" by Hasegawa Tohaku, one of the most famous Japanese painters of the Edo period, and his family.

The museum has in its collection "Maple," "Standing Aoi on Pine Tree," and "Cherry Blossoms," by Hasegawa Tohaku and his school of painters.



Kyoto Station
You will first meet your guide at JR Kyoto Station, a futuristic marvel made of steel and plate glass. From there, you will head to the 15th floor, where you can enjoy excellent views of the city from a peaceful rooftop garden.

Higashi Honganji Temple
After the station, you will then head down one of Kyoto’s quieter alleys to Higashi Honganji Temple. As you walk the alley, you will able to observe the daily lives of the Kyoto locals, all the while avoiding the crowds of the main streets. At the end of the path, you will arrive at Higashi Honganji, one of two head temples of the Jodo Shinshu school of Buddhism, the most popular form of Buddhism in Japan. At Higashi Honganji, you will visit, among other buildings, the impressive Goeido hall, one of the largest wooden buildings in the world. Consisting of towering high ceilings and gold fittings, it is a sight to be seen. Takase River From Higashi Honganji, you will take a walk along the beautiful Takase River, a canal with a long history connected to Kyoto’s sake trade. Along Takase River, you can see old townhouses, stores selling traditional souvenirs, and canopies of flowers in bloom. It is especially picturesque in the cherry blossom season.

Sanjusangen-do Temple
You will then arrive at Sanjusangen-do Temple (officially called “Rengo-in Temple”). Here, you can see a large gold statue of the “thousand-armed” Kannon, the Buddhist goddess of Mercy, flanked by 1,000 human-sized replicas ? a breathtaking scene, unlike anywhere else in the world. Other impressive sights at Sanjusangen-do also include the powerful Fujin (“God of Wind”) and Raijin (“God of Thunder”) statues and the 24 guardian deities statuettes that all express different facial expressions, all statues representing the very height of Japanese Buddhist arts. In addition, the main building of Sanjusangen-do is a National Treasure in itself. At 120-meters long from North to South, it is the longest wooden building in Kyoto, and the 33 spaces between its columns give the temple its namesake (“sanju san” meaning “33” in Japanese). Its construction style, which uses 50-meter long pillars, is also a unique sight.

Chishaku-in Temple
At Chishaku-in Temple, the last destination on this tour, you can see artworks painted by Hasegawa Tohaku and his pupils. Tohaku was one of the greatest Japanese painters of the 16th century, and the beautiful gold-leaf screens displayed here showcase the very best of his skills. Three of them, “Kaede-no-zu” (“Maples”), “Sakura-no zu” (“Cherry blossoms”), and “Matsu to Aoi no zu” (“Pine trees & Hollyhock”), are registered National Treasure. The temple is also known for its lush strolling garden, where visitors can appreciate a beautiful green landscape atop a man-made hill. The garden is centered around a pond and some highlights include its striking azalea area, which is vibrantly colorful in mid-spring.

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Meeting Place:
The meeting place for this tour is JR Kyoto Station's Rooftop Sky Garden.

The tour route is as follows:
JR Kyoto Station Rooftop Sky Garden - Higashi Honganji Temple - Takase River - Sanjusangen-do Temple - Chishaku-in Temple

The tour ends at Chishaku-in Temple, and the nearest train station, Shichijo Station on the Keihan Railway line, is a 10-minute walk.

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JR Kyoto Station Rooftop Sky Garden - Higashi Honganji Temple - Takase River - Sanjusangen-do Temle - Chishaku-in Temple


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210 mins

Higashi Honganji Temple, Sanjusangen-do Temple, Chishaku-in Temple

2 persons
・Guided tours in English by a nationally licensed interpreter/guide
(1 guide for every 8 people)
・Admission fee (Rengeoin Temple and Chishakuin Temple)
・ Food & drink, shopping expenses, etc.
・ Transportation to the meeting place
・ Transportation from the tour end place

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