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Sumo morning training tour, sword museum and Sumida City walk


Sumo is an individual sport, but wrestlers practice under the supervision of an instructor called Oyakata. In this tour, you will visit the training hall of professional sumo wrestlers, not amateurs. The training is not a show, but the place of serious training so an interpreter-guide will guide you.
After watching the sumo training, we will visit the Sword Museum. The museum displays many swords designated by the government as national treasures and important cultural assets. In addition, the museum is first-class, introducing the world of the samurai, including sword equipment, Samurai armor, and other metalworking materials.
In this neighborhood around Ryogoku, chic culture remains here and there, such as the birth of nigiri-zushi (hand-rolled sushi) in the 19th century, and our interpreter-guides who are familiar with the area will guide our guests.


Sumo training is a very powerful event.
You can observe the training of sumo wrestlers from a spot set up within 10 meters of the sumo ring. Most sumo wrestlers are enormous, weighing over 100 kilograms, but you will be amazed at how flexible their bodies are.
They also do strength training, where they hit a wall or lift heavy objects.
The final practice is the training match, where the winner stays in the ring, and the loser goes out.
The winner continues to fight the next challenger. This match is the most exciting part of Sumo watching.
Sumo is a martial art and a part of Shinto rituals based on tradition, where our spirits are unified.
It is necessary to explain the rules and manners of Sumo in foreign languages so that they do not disturb the practice.
We can dispatch an interpreter-guide who can guide you through the tour properly.

The Sword Museum is in the corner of the Japanese Garden, a 3-minute from the Kokugikan, The National Sumo stadium.
Maki and Associates, founded by the world-renowned Pritzker Prize-winning architect Fumihiko Maki, designed the building.
It is in a corner of Yasuda Garden, a feudal lord's garden, and represents the culture of the samurai who gave birth to the sword in a modern way.


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PROGRAM FEE(Excl. consumption tax)

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240 mins


2 persons
・English-speaking guide fee

・Entrance fee to the Sword Museum

・Transportation by public transportation from the hotel to the Sumo hall
・Lunch, food and beverage expenses, shopping expenses, etc.
◆Please follow the instructions of the guide during the program.
We are not responsible for any accidents caused by not following the guide's instructions.
◆Children under 12 years old are not allowed to participate in the program in principle because they are often unable to watch without talking privately and without moving or keeping silent.
◆Please understand that you may sit directly on the board in some halls.
◆If you need special consideration due to religious reasons, physical or other conditions (illness, allergy, etc.), or the age of children, etc., please be sure to inquire in advance at whether or not the tour is available.
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