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Samurai Experience -Regular Program-


During the Edo period, which lasted for 260 years from 1600, the Japanese people were broadly divided into four social statuses: those of professional, agricultural, industrial, and commercial. The highest level is the samurai, the ruling class. The samurai group is an army and a fighting group. Samurai have high ethical standards such as righteousness, benevolence, courtesy, and loyalty.

◆ Practice samurai sword techniques.
◆ Learn the ways of the samurai and the morals of the samurai
1 . What is a Samurai?      2 . Rei
3 . Sheathing the sword     4 . Stance
5 . How to cut         6 . Interpersonal practice
7 . Sword fighting        8 . Commemorative photo Samurai costume dressing (rental)
◆ Group photo shoot


During the Edo period, which lasted for 260 years from 1600, the people of Japan were roughly divided into four classes: samurai, farmers, artisans, and merchants.
The highest rank was the samurai, the ruling class. Samurai had high ethical standards and their greatest mission was to be loyal to their superior, the daimyo.
However, at the end of the Edo period in the 1860s, some samurai left their positions as subjects of daimyo (feudal lords), and fought for their nation, regardless of life or death.
These samurai created modern Japan through the revolution known as the Meiji Restoration. They were the true samurai.

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60 mins

Senshinan (B208) in the Kikai Shinko Kaikan Honkan building (2 minutes north of Tokyo Tower)


2 persons
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