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Taiko Japanese Drum Experience


Drum to the beat of Japan in this taiko experience.
Watch a professional demonstration live and learn master drumming skills from taiko experts.
Afterwards, take part in a group-wide show with photos.


◆ Learn taiko, the musical art of Japanese drumming
◆ Watch a performance by taiko professionals
◆ Take part in a group taiko performance
◆ Have great memories captured with commemorative group photos

※Optional: Guests can choose to wear a Happi coat (a traditional straight-sleeved jacket made of cotton) during the program.
Rental costs ¥2,200 per person.
If you are interested, please choose this option when booking.



*Please note that this is not a private lesson, but a private guide will attend each group.
To attend this session privately, an extra fee will be charged (2,500 per person).

About Taiko
Legend has it that taiko drumming began when an ancient shinto deity danced on top of an empty sake barrel to entice the sun goddess.
Archeologists believe that it was imported from China in the early 6th century. Whatever its origins, taiko has been an important part of Japanese culture for thousands of years.

Coming in many shapes and sizes, taiko drums have had a variety of functions throughout history. Once an important military tool, they were used to communicate, motivate troops and even intimidate. They often act as theater accompaniments, creating everything from dramatic tension to peaceful tempo in kabuki and kagura performances. And their importance in Japan's religions is undeniable, often serving as part of rituals and festivals.

Over time taiko has become an important symbol of Japan and its traditional culture. Many people have formed large taiko groups, like the one featured in our program, to create awe-inspiring, unique performances out of an ancient art that just keeps evolving.

About the program?
In this program, after watching a professional performance by our taiko instructors, guests are taught the fundamental steps to Japanese taiko drumming. After a dynamic practice session, participants are then treated to a Q&A session with the professionals, before taking part in a group perofrmance of their own.


Program Contents
1. Meet at your hotel (or other specificied area)
2. Live performance by instructors
3. Practice
4. Q & A Session
5. Drum performance
6. Photo Session

※Depending on the availablity of our supplier, clients may be required to cover an additional facility charge (3,000-10,000 per group). We will let you know if this is the case.

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If you cancel your reservation, the following cancellation rates and remittance charge will be charged.
(1) 21 days prior to the program date: 100 % of the program fee
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PROGRAM FEE(Excl. consumption tax)

Fee per Person
(1) 10:30~
(2) 12:00~
(3) 13:30~
(4) 15:00~
60 mins


2 persons
・ Nationally licensed guide-interpreter
・ Taiko lesson
・Public transportation fee
※Please note that we can only do our pick-up service at hotels within a 10-minute walk of stations on the JR Yamanote Line.
Please contact us if you are unsure if your hotel falls into this category.
For hotels not within this area, we can arrange an alternative pick up destination.

※ Those who wish to use a taxi service instead of public transportation must pay an additional cost.
・Food & drink
◆ Participants should have a moderate level of fitness to participate in this activity. This activity is not recommended if you are pregnant or have a chronic health condition.
◆ Our services are mainly offered in English. Other languages (including Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Russian) are also available. If you would like to request this tour in a language other than English, please inquire at as soon as possible.
◆Program duration is an estimate. It is subject to change depending on the number of participants and/or certain conditions.
◆ Please advise us if you have any religious/ health restrictions, allergies, or if you would like to request any special care for participants (including children).
◆ Please follow the guide's instruction during the program. We shall not be responsible for any accidents caused by disregard of the instructions.
◆ Our business hours are from 9:00am to 6:00pm on weekdays. For inquiries received outside business hours, we will look into them and respond on the next business day.

Note: The booking deadline for this program is 3:00pm 2 business days (Japan Standard Time) prior to the program.
When booking after this deadline, please email us at
Please note that any programs booked after the deadline without an inquiry will not be guaranteed.

When booking, please give us at least three preferred dates and times for the activity.




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